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April 06, 2010


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Hi Stuart- thanks for the comment! I'd love to take a look at the link, thanks for it. Culture is such a critical component of orgs and is so often forced from the top down initially.

Stuart Shaw

Hi Amy
Your gardening metaphor works a treat with this subject. Culture is organic. Homegrown. Individual. As such, what blossoms in one won't necessarily take in another, and those prize winning gardens that everyone tries to emulate often end with tumbleweed. The trick is always (as you say) to start from an aim for a link between culture and performance (sometimes working back from performance to culture). So much here is about getting into the space between a company and it's people. A space that is often overlooked, but which is often much more important than just getting one or the other side right. This often psychological space is where the best gardeners need to be most adept, most green fingered. My boss, Dr Michael Reddy at Human Potential Accounting has developed a Culture Audit tool to help this, which works for M&A too. Love to know your thoughts? Link here: http://www.hpa-group.com/diagnostics/culture-audit?layout=item

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